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ThreeA - AP 10 Finger Gang

Initially, I thought I wasn’t going to be able to get this set. For some reason I got the feeling I was going to have to get each figure individually, one piece at a time. Then some bills came in that I wasn’t prepared for and I thought I wouldn’t be able to afford it anyway. Luckily, a few things fell in to place and a fellow Jelly Nation member helped me out so I managed to get the whole set. 
In light of all this I have decided to do something a little different with this review. 

There have been video unboxing reviews. There have been podcasted unboxing reviews. I present to you; a written unboxing review. Let us see if this works…

There are some things that you know you must own once you first see them, even if you can’t quite put your finger (no pun intended) on what it actually is that appeals to you. This is how I was with the 10 Finger Gang. There was just something that drew me in the first time I stumbled across them as I began learning about ThreeA.  I knew then and there that I wanted the entire set and they immediately topped my Want List as I waited for the day that they began shipping out to those who had pre-ordered them.

Now that I have them in hand, I am actually very eager about getting the set open so doing it this way with taking the photos then writing about it is very slow and it is testing my self-restraint. I just want to get in there and get them out. It feels like I have already waited so long to get the set that a few more minutes won’t hurt, right?☺ 

The box is rather large but it is to be expected seeing as though there are 11 of these bad boys in there just waiting to be freed from their prison. I want to mention the artwork on this is simply outstanding with the 10 Finger Gang going up against Bleak Mission. I would love to see this design get released on a shirt like the recent Lasstranaut, TK Head Hunter and Dead Astronaut Gangsta shirts. 

Ok, I have waited long enough so here we go…  

The 10FG are in individual boxes with the corresponding colour and number and I can already smell the distinct ThreeA smell that I am sure you are more than used to by now. The artwork on each box is reused for all 10 with the exception of King Thumb who gets individual artwork. The side of each box creates a larger picture and although I was never initially a fan of Ashley Wood’s art style, I have really grown to enjoy it. 

Opening them up the smell is a lot more potent now. The smell of a brand new figure takes me back to when I was a kid and opening up a GI Joe or Masters of the Universe figure for the first time, although this smell is nothing like in those days☺

The figures are in individual boxes and trays and their weapons and extra hands are not packed on the tray but they are in little baggies which are reminiscent of the TK Unleashed YO/Yellow Hornets sets. I can’t say for sure if any other figure sets had the same weapon layout as I only have the TK Unleashed YO/Yellow Hornets to go by.

The anticipation is killing me so I am going to get into it now. I will do this in numerical order, gearing up one figure at a time.

Pink is the new black, or so I have heard, and this one is the first member of the 10 Finger Gang. In the Quentin Tarantino movie, Reservoir Dogs, Steve Buscemi’s character made a huge fuss about being called Mr. Pink so I wonder if 10FG number 1 would have done something similar with being made to wear pink. 

Number 1 comes with two, pink handled, revolvers. He also comes with an interchangeable set of hands. I don’t have the 1/6 versions but from what I understand, they came with articulated fingers. I can see that being rather difficult to pull off in 1/12 scale so I presume that is the reason for the interchangeable hands.

10FG number 2 is in the Green boiler suit. It just occurred to me that I am soon going to find it hard with what to write about because they are all pretty much the same figure with different coloured boiler suits and different weapons. I will see what I can do to make it somewhat interesting.

Number 2 (I am actually glad Ashley Wood didn’t make this guy wear the brown boiler suit) comes with two meat cleavers as his choice of weapons. I am a sucker for these weapons which I will explain why in an upcoming review and I personally believe that any person or robot that wields these as a weapon must be somewhat psychotic.

The third member of the 10FG is meant to be in the Gray boiler suit according to the box but the colour is very close to the Green boiler suit of number 2. All the figures so far have had extensive dirtying/weathering which is a trademark of ThreeA and the hands are a soft rubber which means less chance of breakage.

Number 3 comes with dual katanas, the same style that came with the Tomorrow Kings. Considering these are robots I am not sure if the swords work as a chosen weapon. Whenever I see swords I immediately think of agility and skill but I guess number 3 must possess these attributes to be armed with them. The swords don't fit very well in the hands so this is a little disappointing. I changed this figure's hands out to the relaxed versions because of the fact it can't hold the swords to well.

Number 4 is in a light Brown boiler suit. The boiler suits have been the hooded style and it appears that the hood has a wire stitched in it for dynamic posing.The figures have also had a black undershirt with a 10 FG logo on it. I assume that will carry on for all of the figures.

Number 4 has an RPG and it looks like it might be the same as the one that came with the RPG Bramble. I am going to go check (hey, I am writing this as it is happening ☺). Nope, I don't know what I was thinking because even though they are the same style they are far from the same size. This one is significantly smaller.

We are halfway there with number 5 (not including King Thumb of course) and this guy comes in the Black boiler suit. All the figures have had interchangeable hands so far although this guy only came with the one extra hand.

Number 5 has a sub machine gun and I think this is the first time it has been used in the 1/12 scale. If I am not mistaken, I believe one of the WWRp Drop Cloths also comes with the same sub machine gun but that has yet to be released. (I just looked it up; it was the Deimos Drop Cloth). Surprisingly, the magazine is removable from the gun and it stays in pretty well. I know from first hand experience that with the Caesar SMRT guns, the magazine becomes very loose once it is taken out for the first time. This gun also has a working spring cocking mechanism, which is a surprising addition.

Number 6 looks like a very dirty White colour but the box colour is Silver so I am not quite sure if this one is meant to be white or silver. One thing I want to mention is the stability of the figures. This has been a point of contention with a few people regarding the balance of the 1/12 scale figures compared to the 1/6 scale. I don’t have any 1/6 scale figures but I will admit that getting the 1/12 figures to balance can be a bit of an issue because they tend to lean back too far which causes them to topple. Most of the time they have to be posed leaning forward which can be an issue to some but I don’t have any problems with it. Maybe I am too easy going and not fussy enough?

This chappy comes with a shotgun, the same shotgun that came with the Commando Drop Cloth, and a few others yet to be released.

10 Finger Gang member number 7 is in a Red boiler suit. This colour makes him stick out a lot more compared to the others I have already opened which is a good thing and adds a bit of diversity to the group.

Number 7 comes with a rocket launcher which is the same as the one that came with the Heavy Tomorrow Kings. I guess rocket launcher is the correct name for it because I believe it is meant to be different than an RPG but I am not very versed in military armament and weaponry. A quick Google search suggests I am right and they are both different in the way they operate.  All the figures have had colour coded weaponry so far. Style at its finest ☺

Getting toward the end and we now have number 8. This guy is also in a White boiler suit so I am perplexed as to why there are two white figures. Putting them together I can see that number 6 has white boots but number 8 has black boots. They are still very close colour wise and with the weathering it makes it hard to tell the difference. 

Number 8 comes with a machete. It looks very small compared to what I am used to with the WWRp Dirty Deeds machetes. I think this weapon is more practical as a melee weapon for this kind of gang compared to the katanas.

Well, I am surprised I have been able to write about as much as I have so far and now we are at number 9, who is in the Orange boiler suit. Orange is my favourite colour so I really like this one. I haven’t mentioned the heads of these figures yet but for some reason I thought they were just Zombot heads. In fact, these are a separate design compared to the Zombot head and I think the 10FG heads actually look a lot better with the extra sculpted detail.

Number 9 comes with another sub machine gun. This looks like the same one that will come with the WWRp Grunts. I don’t know if it is based on any particular gun design or if it is Ashley Wood’s own design but it is a silenced sub machine gun with a very large sight on top. It also has an orange handle so the weapons are certainly colour coded to the figures.

Number 10, my lucky number, is the last of the 10 Finger Gang members. This one has the Yellow boiler suit and it also has extra holsters for the guns which makes him look different to the other figures.

Number 10 has four handguns with yellow handles. I actually thought these were the same guns as the WWRp de Plumes but they are certainly different. I haven't seen these used before so I guess they must be exclusive to Number 10 so far. 

And with that, I managed to find something to write about for each member of the 10 Finger Gang. Now on to their leader….

I think it is safe to say that for people who don’t want the whole set, this is the figure they want more than any of the others, and for good reason. King Thumb is the sole individual figure that is not just a repaint like the other Finger Gang members and actually gives me something different to write about.

King Thumb comes with individual pants and jacket to differentiate him from the other 10FGers (first coined here☺). The exciting thing about the clothes is the potential reuse possibilities. As a fan of the Mattel MOTUC (Masters of the Universe Classics) line, I have become accustomed to seeing a wide range of reuse (which ThreeA is also known for) but it also lends itself to looking ahead as to what other figures could use the same tooling/accessories/parts reuse. With King Thumb, I can’t help but think that the clothes and gun could be reused for a 1/12 scale Bleak Mission. I hope this would be the case because since reading the AK Primer book, Bleak has become one of my most wanted Action Portable Adventure Kartel figures. But more to the point, the clothes and gun could be reused for my favourite version of Bleak which is the Shit Weather version. Bearing in mind that he is on the main box it gives me hope that he will be coming sooner rather than later.

I think I would have to say that King Thumb is hands down (pun intended this time) my favourite 10FGer. The different look characterises him from the others and he really stands out as the leader. He also has the better weapons, with the gun, katana and the kick ass Sledgehammer.

I know the newness has a lot going for it but, but I am so tempted to put this on the same level as the Dirty Deeds set. I absolutely love that set and the 10 Finger Gang evoke the same response from me, even with just looking at the pictures, my vanilla posing ability and just seeing them all together.

These figures are part of the larger Fuckin’ Robot Island saga of the Adventure Kartel story. I find this somewhat humorous considering the first story hasn’t even been told yet but this one revolves around the invasion of the 10 Finger Gang, King Thumb and his affection for Cherry Shadow (which reminds me, we have seen the prototype of AP Little Shadow so she needs to be released). 

To go with the Robot Island saga, there also needs to be a Hotfoot and Charkin in 1/12, stat! Plus all the other AK characters and more☺

Overall I am extremely happy to own this set. It has been my most anticipated known release since I got in to ThreeA and it has been worth the (short) wait. I was a little concerned that in my mind I may have overhyped them too much and therefore become disappointed once they were in hand but this is not the case. Are they perfect? I don’t think there is any figure that truly is. No matter what comes up there will always be someone not happy with the final result, but for me, this is not the case. I love the Zombs, I love the Zombots, I love the Boiler suits and I really love the 10 Finger Gang.

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  1. wow. great review. im disappointed at the downgrade in the articulated hand department. the 1/12 drop clothes and popbots use similar hands. it just seems lazy of threeA to cut corners. I have the 1/6 figures, and no. 10 in particular looks dheaper in the smaller version.