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ThreeA - Fighting JC

High above where mortal thoughts do not venture, the Big Guy sat and contemplated his creation. Clouded in spittle, blood and smoke he figured things had not gone so well.

The Big Guy slightly shifted in his chair and called forth his son, "Son, it's a bit shit down there, so bugger it... I'm sending you back!"

He does not love you but he will save you anyway...

To start this off, I think I need to mention that I am not religious but I can see how this figure has the potential to be considered offensive to some. In fact, I am rather surprised that it did not cause any controversy when it was first released. I remember the crap storm that followed the release of Kevin Smith's Dogma movie and I just assumed that anything that doesn't follow the standard method when dealing with religion would automatically attract opposition. Perhaps it is because ThreeA have not been on the mainstream radar?

To be honest, I really didn't want to make this review about the religious overtones that this figure conveys. The bottom line is this is a toy and more a parody than an homage. It is lucky then that in my ThreeA-niverse™ I have taken the character a step further than just being the Zomb ass kicking "Son of the Big Guy". 

JC usually doesn't acknowledge or deny his heritage, choosing instead to live his life amongst society's less fortunate. As far as Tommy Mission is really concerned, JC was the former "star" of the Hobo Rumbles home video series. Tommy believes this is the best scenario, because if word did get out that JC was the actual son of God, then Adventure Kartel would have religious zealots, miracle seekers and news reporters to also contend with along with the Zombs. 

JC prefers to keep to himself, living in the same habitat on the streets but comes to the aid of Tommy Mission and the rest of the Adventure Kartel whenever he is needed.

Okay, so my story is not great but the design of JC reminds me of a homeless person and he doesn't really look like he wants to be on Earth fighting Zombs and going on adventures. He looks seriously pissed off. I really do like the figure, though, because I can seen the humour and parody in the design.

Speaking about the design, this is where the figure really shines. Starting with the robe, it has a wire stitched in to the material which can be positioned however you see fit. This adds an extra dynamism to the figure and if I was good at posing my figures then it would show up more in my pictures, but because I am not you are just going to have to take my word for it☺  

I have so far been impressed with the tattoo detail that Mattel have been able to achieve with their WWE line. Now that I have JC, ThreeA have really put Mattel to shame with tattoo detail. There are no shortcuts taken with the designs and every line is as it was intended.

The word ZOMB tattooed across his fingers is my favourite design detail out of all of the tattoos. Mix that with the blood on the knuckles and it really makes the character of the figure stand out to me. I don't know about you but my imagination really starts to wonder about what battles JC has been in and question why he is so angry.

Fighting JC also comes with some accessories in the form of a belt with multiple pouches and the head of a Zomb which is meant to belong to the Blind Oracle. It has been said that the Blind Oracle pissed off JC so JC removed his head. There is a pouch on the belt that has been designed to hold the Blind Oracle’s head.

Palm in the Face Sunday JC is a derivative of Fighting JC. The only real differences is a slightly darker skin tone, shorter pants and a full red coat. I prefer the colours of Fighting JC but two things really stood out for me with PITFS and even though they shouldn’t have been enough to warrant a purchase, I couldn’t help myself.

The first thing I will mention is the Towel of Turin. I actually had a chuckle when I first saw pictures of this Artifact, which is a parody of the famed Shroud of Turin. For those who don’t know, the Shroud of Turin is a piece of material that has a stain on it which is meant to be the face of Jesus Christ. 
The Towel of Turin parodies this by having on it a stain of the face of JC. I even used this as part of my picture story Zomb Dark Thirty.

The second thing that made this figure a purchase for me was simply the name, Palm in the Face Sunday. I don’t know exactly what the meaning of it is but it was enough to also get a chuckle out of me.

Overall, I am very happy with Fighting JC. It is another great figure from ThreeA and I can’t wait to add more Adventure Kartel figures to my rapidly growing collection. Lastly, I would like to add that I really want to see an animated cartoon set in the Adventure Kartel universe. All the characters are larger than life and the characters are so varied and interesting. I also want to see all of the 1/6 Adventure Kartel figures get the 1/12 treatment.

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