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ThreeA - Dirty Deeds

The Dirty Deeds were created for one reason, to kill their creator.

The Earth based Terran forces decided that Walter Rothchild had become too much of a liability. In a war of Rothchild built robots, he was arming both sides and profiting in the process. What better way to take him out of the picture than to alter the AI of robots he created, in this case the Bertie, with the sole mission to kill him?

But it didn't go as planned. As soon as the transport, carrying the Dirty Deeds Berties and their combat handlers, landed it was obvious the mission was a failure. All the handlers were dead and the Dirty Deeds didn't stay around to answer any questions.

It didn't end there though. They wound up on Mars where they continued their massacre before disappearing again. I know you are asking yourself, how could it get any worse?

What about if the bat-shit crazy Nom de Plume became their commander? Yep, it got worse. They had no allegiance but to themselves. They would fight on the side of the Terrans and then fight on the side of the Martians. No rhyme, no reason, no remorse.

A dozen of the deadliest robots ever created and one of the most dangerous men on either planet leading them. A nightmare to some, a myth to others and certain death to anyone who crossed them.

The above is my paraphrased version of the story that appeared in the World War Robot book. It is my understanding that Ashley Wood doesn't like his work to be used without permission so I didn't want to write it out word for word but it is one of the best stories in the book.

One thing I want to mention though, is in the book Rothchild is called Walter and not Darwin. It is still unknown if Walter is different to Darwin or if they are the same person.

It wouldn't be one of my reviews if I didn't ramble so if you have made it through this far then I will actually talk about the toys now.... But of course I will still ramble☺

I think it is safe for me to say that these are, hands down, my favourite robots in the entire WWR catalogue. I have spent more time photographing, admiring, setting up and writing about this group of figures than any other of my ThreeA figures. They are simply outstanding (and time consuming☺).

The Berties themselves look like grenades from a grenade launcher but with arms and legs attached. As they say, the devil is in the details and it is the details that really makes them stand out. Each individual robot is different than the other. 

Most notably is their different "faces", not one Bertie is the same. This gives them all individual characteristics and some stand out above others as my personal favourites, namely the Bloody version, "Devil Horns" and the "Teeth Skulls"

One of the things that they all share is the shoulder stamp: IF FOUND RETURN TO HELL. This just advertises how bad ass they are. I found it amusing and it is such a cool addition.

The logo on the back of their heads is another thing they all share. This logo is meant to symbolise a Trinity in the war of WWR. N.O.M, the Terrans and the Martians on each end and Rothchild in the middle of it all.

Looking at the above pictures you can get a sense of how much detail is in the paint work. There are paint runs, oil leaks, rusting, paint wearing and smoke staining. The Dirty Deeds all look worn and battered.

"Bloody" is not an official member of the Dirty Deeds, as he was released separately, but I include him simply because he is just as fantastic as the others. I am not a big fan of the actual face design but the blood effects really make it work for me. 

The blood spatter shows up a lot in these pictures, especially on the machete but it is not that bright under normal lighting.

I need more adjectives than just awesome, fantastic and outstanding  to really convey how impressed I am with this set. But instead of using more adjectives I will just show the pictures and highlight things worth mentioning.

Three of the Dirty Deeds came armed with dual revolvers. The revolvers remind me of the snub nosed .38 special except much larger. The chamber on the Bertie's revolver can also be rotated and with their articulated fingers they can be posed with their finger on the trigger.

In my ThreeA-niverse™, these Berties are the squad field leaders.

The Dirty Deeds are not without their Heavy Gunners. There a six in total, all wielding the tri-barrel gattling gun.

I have been a fan of this style of gun from the first time I saw Blain wielding 'Ol Painless in Predator and I know I am not alone there. The havoc that just one of these guns can cause is devastating and the Dirty Deeds have six of them.

The final three Berties rounding out the Dirty Dozen are armed with a revolver and a Machete. I view these as the crazies of the Dirty Deeds and the melee fighters of the group.

I guess when you are backed up by six Gattling Gunners you can afford to go a little wild with some hacking and slashing.

The Dirty Deeds set also comes with a bunch of severed heads with blood splatter details. This is what happens when the crazy, Machete wielding Berties cut loose (pun intended☺).

The final addition to the Dirty Deeds are the Squares. The Squares are designed to be intelligence gathering machines and have been constructed to have the child like features and voices so they are not viewed as hostile.

I am not a big fan of the Squares but I can't deny the detail and texture on the figures themselves. They are far from my favourite robots but I find it ironic that the almost demonic Dirty Deeds have these child like robots as part of their number.

"Dirty Deeds - Now with authentic battle damage"

While I was taking the photos I didn't notice that the thumb on one of the Berties was damaged. As seen in the above photos the digit eventually broke off completely. 

Tears were almost shed.

Luckily, I had a spare Dirty Deeds Bertie (which I bought when I thought I was going to have to get the entire set piece by piece) so a quick transplant later and all was good again.

The World War Robot rights have been picked up by Jerry Bruckheimer's company, in conjunction with Disney, to make a movie. John Spaihts, the screenwriter for Prometheus, has apparently been involved with developing the script. 

I can only hope that the Dirty Deeds are featured in the movie in some capacity. They were featured heavily in the WWR book so perhaps this is a possibility. In fact, if they were in the movie and released again as toys I would certainly purchase them again. I am confident they would be different to the ones that I own now.

I really do love this set. I was very lucky to be able to get the entire set in one hit and, if the ThreeA Wiki is correct, there are only around 100 sets made which makes them extremely rare and sought after.

For more information on Dirty Deeds, World War Robot and ThreeA in general visit the following links;


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