Friday, 14 June 2013

ThreeA - Dirty Deeds

The Dirty Deeds were created for one reason, to kill their creator.

The Earth based Terran forces decided that Walter Rothchild had become too much of a liability. In a war of Rothchild built robots, he was arming both sides and profiting in the process. What better way to take him out of the picture than to alter the AI of robots he created, in this case the Bertie, with the sole mission to kill him?

Saturday, 1 June 2013

ThreeA - WWRp AP-PEL Caesar

Darwin Rothchild is a warmongering megalomaniac and owner of Rothchild Corporation. He is a creator and manufacturer of robots designed and built for war. He sells these robots to both sides of the Great War, between the Earth based Terrans and the Mars based Martians, while he sits upon his self-made throne on the Moon and watches it all unfold.

So for a corporation that is producing robots of war, where does the pacific looking Steve J, the AP-PEL colourway Caesar, fit in all of this?