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ThreeA - The Ghastly Halloween Zombkin

As the rising sun lays an end to Devil’s Night, so stirs the Ghastly Halloween Zombkin. But his time is not just yet, although very soon. The Harvest is coming. 

As the last vestiges of daylight give way to the night so does the ground which Zombkin has called home for the past year. For it is time to accumulate the nutrients for his cultivation, to safeguard his yearly resurrection.  But time is short, an hour at the most and the shadowy, moonlit night is already accentuating his body’s deterioration. 

The Pumpkin Patch is calling to him. It needs the flesh of 31 victims to ensure his restoration. The cycle of murder must continue…..

When I first saw pictures of Zombkin I knew it was a figure I had to have. I can’t really put my finger on exactly what it was about the figure that attracted me so much, be it the big pumpkin head or the casual looking clothes I just knew I wanted to own it. It may have also been the fact that I used to be a big Peanuts fan as a child and I remember watching It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. 

The back story of Zombkin does not seem to represent the figure in my eyes. The story above is my own interpretation of the official story by creator, Ashley Wood.  The official story is literally a couple of sentences so I just chose to flesh it out a little more. The story paints the character as pretty much a mass murdering psycho yet when I look at the figure I do not see that.

Even though I do like the back story I just can’t see it fitting in with my own perception of the figure. When I look at Zombkin I see a playful innocence. I really think that is because of the fantastic head sculpt and face details. He doesn't look like a mad killer; it is a look more like a happy-go-lucky, exuberant practical joker.

I would happily accept the crux of the story being that Zombkin needs to harvest the skin of 31 victims to ensure his yearly restoration but I would make him a conflicted, misunderstood character who would rather have fun but has no other alternative but to murder. The world of ThreeA is encouraged to use one's own imagination to flesh out the characters so my idea can still fit. 

The construction of the figure is to the high standard that ThreeA sets for all its products. Every time I get a new figure I am in awe with the detail, stability, articulation and the way it feels in hand. The realistic clothing at this scale needs mentioning again as it is certainly a highlight of the figure. The body under the clothes also has a dirty look but is in an orange colour to go with the pumpkin head. 

If you are so inclined, you could display the figure naked and it would still look good. I have seen pictures on the Fwoosh of a naked Zombkin and it amuses me as I could see the character doing just that, getting his kit off. If Adventure Kartel was ever made in to an animated feature or series then I would find it extremely humorous to see a naked Zombkin streaking through the pumpkin patch.

If having him stark naked is a little too far for you then you could have him in a cheeky “mooning” pose as this figure seems quite at home being posed like that, as is probably obvious with the amount of pictures I took in that pose☺

When it comes to writing these reviews I seem to have a tendency to ramble and say things that most people familiar with ThreeA are already aware of. This is less of a review and more of a journal of my passion and excitement for these figures. This is my escape from daily life.

I don’t claim to be a good reviewer, a good photographer or a resource on ThreeA, I am just someone who is writing down his thoughts on something that brings him excitement, joy and artistic appreciation and who wants to share that with others. Call it a review if you want (as I do) but I also call it fun.

Zombkin is a figure that evokes everything that I just mentioned above. I was excited when this figure arrived and I have enjoyed taking these pictures and putting him in different poses and environments. This is one figure that brings me a lot of joy as strange as that may seem. I am not a 1/6 scale collector but this figure is so good that I am even tempted to pick up his big brother.  I do think the larger 1/6 scale figure will eventually find his way into my collection as they do look good together in the pictures I have seen.

Even though there is no past connection with these figures I can’t help but feel a sense of nostalgia with them. I think that is because these figures, Zombkin in particular for me, feel like they could have been a favourite figure during childhood, one that would be carried everywhere. As it is now, this is a figure that I want to take everywhere with me☺

That is a true testament on how good they actually are. The dirty weathering and worn, ripped clothes may not be for everyone but I personally think it adds to the overall character. If you ever wanted your toys to be real as a child (or as an adult, I don’t judge) then this is the closest thing to it.

I absolutely love this guy. Nom de Plume is still my favourite ThreeA figure but Zombkin is right up there with him just on the character and details alone. Nom is just a bad ass where as Zombkin is just playful and fun. I feel that Zombkin could be put it any situational photo and still look good.

Zombkin (and his big brother) are still easily found on the secondary market. Considering they are packaged together the price for a 1/6 and 1/12 figure is pretty damn good still.

For more information on Zombkin, Adventure Kartel and ThreeA in general visit the following links;

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