Wednesday, 29 May 2013

ThreeA - The Ghastly Halloween Zombkin

As the rising sun lays an end to Devil’s Night, so stirs the Ghastly Halloween Zombkin. But his time is not just yet, although very soon. The Harvest is coming. 

As the last vestiges of daylight give way to the night so does the ground which Zombkin has called home for the past year. For it is time to accumulate the nutrients for his cultivation, to safeguard his yearly resurrection.  But time is short, an hour at the most and the shadowy, moonlit night is already accentuating his body’s deterioration. 

The Pumpkin Patch is calling to him. It needs the flesh of 31 victims to ensure his restoration. The cycle of murder must continue…..

Sunday, 26 May 2013

ThreeA - WWRp Nom de Plume

Who is the mysterious Nom de Plume?

No one really knows. It is believed he is a former member of N.O.M. (Not Ordinary Men) and, according to a mercenary who had the unfortunate "pleasure" of surviving a run in with him, he is possibly ex-military and bat-shit crazy.

Nom de Plume has no allegiance except to himself and his Dirty Deeds Berties. He is mysterious, violent and as an action figure he is downright awesome.

Saturday, 18 May 2013

ThreeA and Me – A Love Story?

ThreeA. I have known this name for many years. This is the brain child of Ashley Wood, an artist that I was familiar with from his time on the Hellspawn comic book from Image Comics. I first saw the mention of ThreeA in an issue of Toyfare when the World War Robots were being featured. The article in the magazine showed them to be military science fiction robots that were waging a war. They were weathered and beaten by the battles they had fought. But seeing them mentioned to be at 1/6 (12 inch) scale didn't grab my fancy so off my radar they went.